A RESTful API for Bible

Do not worry about managing the multiple versions of the Bible

RESTful Bible API with 7 versions, 4 languages and multiple features to simplify your day to day.


What do we believe?

Our manifesto

Application and site development is still a complex process for churches and religious organizations.

We know that creating unique content ends up competing with basic tasks such as making devotions, verses, comments, social networking nurture, and so many other day-to-day tasks available.

We believe that we can offer many of these services, free of charge, with the professional quality and focused on the word of God.


Multiple versions - NIV, RA, ACF, KJV, BBE, RVR, APEE - from the Holy Bible, devotional and reference comments for study.


To simplify your integration and keep you up to date.


Servers stable and prepared for high requests loads


Search for key words with statistics and comments in verses.

How to use?

Options: books, books/gn, verses/nvi/gn/1, verses/acf/gn/1/1and more